The CHuMS Framework: A way to 9X your sales

The CHuMS method

Today I’m going to reveal the CHuMS method of creating insanely effective marketing.

It’s a method I have used over the years to improve all aspects of my marketing, and it’s based on science and everything!

So if you want to find out how this simple change will mean you can improve your marketing results by…

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Every category in one place

Image showing the spreadsheet with all listing

What have Shakespeare plays, toenail cutting and mustard got in common? They’re all categories of business listings on!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled to find a complete list of Yell categories in spreadsheet form.

Search no more – Super Al delivers…

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How to automate your lead generation with sales funnels

If you’ve read any kind of sales or marketing article recently, you’ve probably come across the term ‘funnel’. A lot of so-called gurus sell this as some kind of ‘silver bullet solution’, that when implemented will fix your entire marketing. Don’t fall for it. Whilst funnels are incredibly important (and should be at the heart …

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Your customer doesn’t want your product…

…they want what it does for them. So if you’re in the B2C world, then: They don’t want your specialist dog food, they want a healthy dog that doesn’t react badly to food, They don’t want a new mattress, they want a comfortable night’s sleep, They don’t want that children’s toy you sell, they want …

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Your customer doesn’t care about you

Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but your customer couldn’t give a toss about: Your qualifications Your code Your back-office systems Your team Your customer support Your business plan Your awards Of course, I’m generalising here for effect. What I should say is that ‘these things are not the most important …

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Facebook Posts: Handling a negative comment

If you have a Marketing Blueprint in place, then it’s likely you’re using Facebook in some way.

A common strategy is to write a Link Post that outlines your offer and then promote it using the ‘Boost’ button (ask us why this is a bad idea, though).

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