Your customer doesn’t want your product…

…they want what it does for them.

So if you're in the B2C world, then:

  • They don't want your specialist dog food, they want a healthy dog that doesn't react badly to food,
  • They don't want a new mattress, they want a comfortable night's sleep,
  • They don't want that children's toy you sell, they want the love that child gives them when they open the toy

In the B2B world:

  • They don't want a website, they want an extension of their image that sells their service/product,
  • They don't want your IT services, they want Microsoft Office to work properly,
  • They don't want your legal expertise, they want a contract that nobody can wriggle out of.

We should stop concentrating on what we are selling, and instead spend time thinking about what need we are fulfilling for our customers.