Why your bounce rate is 100%

If you've heard of Rand Fishkin, then you'll be aware of 2 things about him:

  1. He knows more about SEO and traffic than almost anyone on the planet
  2. He's got the most amazing moustache in the internet world

Here is a short video (part of  a longer webinar), explaining why your bounce rate is so high:

The principle he talks about is called Message Match – whatever you promise in your email/advert/sales-page must match the delivery.


  • If your advert says ‘Click here for a brand new way to lose weight', your landing page has to have the headline ‘A brand new way to lose weight', and must then go on to talk about this new method in more depth,
  • If your email says ‘See our 4 Must-Have winter accessories', then the landing page it links to must have 4 winter accessories,
  • If your sales page promises a 15% discount on the next page, you'd better make sure that discount is applied

A good bounce rate is 40% – if you're above 70%, then there's a good chance this is what you're doing wrong.