FINALLY a simple template for creating marketing that actually works.

Forget all those fancy apps, and empty promises: Just follow my Marketing Blueprint™ and you'll wake up to an inbox full of hot, fresh, pre-qualified enquiries every single morning.


Image of our Marketing Blueprint in an iPad

You see, I'm afraid you've been lied to…


You don't need that marketing course that's ‘discounted to £997 for this week only‘.

You don't need that fancy app that promises to ‘magically deliver customers with no effort‘.

And you certainly don't need to spend £5,000 on advertising to ‘test what's working‘.

Nope. Marketing is still as simple as it's ever been

“Find a customer with a problem you can solve and ask them to buy.”

I'll show you exactly how to do this, and I won't charge you a penny. 


Marketing shouldn't be a ‘Pay and Pray' exercise. Good marketing is simple:

Spend £1 on advertising and get £5 back in revenue.

However, most business owners are never given a blueprint to build this kind of money-making machine.

I've been building marketing campaigns since 2002, and I've learnt the only way to get consistent results is to follow a tried-and-tested formula (more on me below).

If you'll trust me to be your guide, I'll show you exactly how to build a simple, yet insanely powerful marketing system that will generate new customers whilst you sleep.


I love showing busy business owners how to double their enquires in just 90 days using my Marketing Blueprint™, however, none of this is rocket science! 

On this website, you'll see that I keep nothing back.

I'll show you the complete system I use to build campaigns, and I'll give you everything you need to build your very own system, and it won't cost you a penny.

Course, everyone's different.

You may want to work privately with me over 90 days showing you exactly what fits where. This starts from £1,750, and you can apply to become a private client here

“I'm Al Elliott, and I'd love to show you how my Marketing Blueprint™ works in the real world…”

Image of Al Elliott
Al Elliott, Author, Speaker and founder of the Marketing Blueprint™

Can I take a moment and explain how this all came about?

  • 2002: Started my first business after graduating with a Marketing degree (and realised the theory of marketing was useless!)
  • 2005: Built my second business to £1m in just 4 months, then went bankrupt 2 years later for £103,000 (Thought I was a marketing genius, didn't I? I ignored the rules and paid the price)
  • 2007: Stopped trying to be a smart-arse and went back to marketing basics, and took my third business to £5m in 19 months
  • 2009: Semi-retired for 10 months, and developed my Marketing Blueprint™
  • 2011: Started building successful marketing systems for carefully selected private clients
  • 2017: Took on small groups of business owners and started teaching them how to implement the Marketing Blueprint™ in their own businesses 

Notice how I don't pretend that I suddenly came up with this whilst sitting cross-legged, on a Nepalese mountain, wearing a crown made of flowers, overlooking a misty sunrise..?

That's ‘cos I worked my arse off testing new ideas, taking all the courses from the so-called gurus, and trying everything I'd learnt in both my own businesses and those of my private clients until I'd created a system that actually worked.

When you follow the 3 stage road-map I've created, you'll realise this stuff is embarrassingly simple, easy to implement and insanely effective. And I want you to use it to finally build a marketing system that works tirelessly, even when you're asleep.  

Click here to watch the 15 minute mini-workshop that outlines the entire Marketing Blueprint™ and how you can use in your business. 

So will this work for you?

Only one way to find out…

I've created a mini-workshop that pulls back the curtain on my whole process, and shows you exactly how I use my Marketing Blueprint™ to consistently build marketing and advertising campaigns that actually work.

There's no bullshit ‘limited offer for £47‘, and no sneaky ‘£197 masterclass up-sell‘. I don't even want your email address (if you like what you see, then I'm sure you'll find me).   

Just click the button below (or follow this link) to watch this right now.

(And no, it's not ‘a pretend-live-webinar-that-has-limited-places' – it's a simple, made-with-PowerPoint video workshop that shows you exactly how this all works). 

So all I ask is for 15 minutes of your time, and an open mind. Click here to watch it right away.