“What if we started telling the truth about marketing?”

Marketing isn't about the latest app, fancy widget or promised shortcut. All great marketing follows a simple, 3 part Marketing Blueprint that you can see below.

Follow this, and you too can wake up to an inbox full of hot, fresh, pre-qualified enquiries every single morning.

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My name's Al, and I hate seeing great businesses fail…

But unfortunately many do because they over-complicate their marketing – they get sucked in by the promise of quick-fixes by the so-called gurus…

For over 10 years, ​I've been stripping back the bullshit, and showing my private clients how to create simple, yet insanely effective marketing campaigns that are all based on an embarrassingly simple 3 part Blueprint (and it's based on a formula you probably already know).

I want you to create marketing that works. I want your business to grow by 200%, or 500%, or even 1,000,000% in the next 12 months. And I promise that if you'll let me, I'll share everything I know about marketing to get you there.

You can read more about me & my mission here, or just jump in and get started right now!

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Al Elliott, Author, Speaker and founder of the Marketing Blueprint™

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So what the hell is a Marketing Blueprint™? 

It's the culmination of over 20 years of building marketing campaigns for businesses, and it strips out all the unnecessary crap like automated webinars, sneaky bots and other distractions.

You see marketing is super simple:

  1. Target the right prospect
  2. Build trust
  3. Generate traffic (web visitors)

No amount of clever copy-writing or fancy automation is going to get a dog owner to buy cat food*. But even if the most trusted dog food has the worst website, it'll still succeed.

*Unless they also have cats, of course…

So stop getting overwhelmed with guru courses, clever apps and nerdy software – just target the right person, get them to trust you, and run your adverts where they hang out.

Watch a simple overview of how this could work for your business here

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