Dynamic Keyword Insertion

All about Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Zzzzz… wake up! This isn’t as boring as it sounds. In essence it means you can control what your webpage says using the link you give people.

See? Not as dull as you thought!

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The EASY way to choose your username on Social Media

Featured Image for a blog on choosing your username on social media

You already create great content about your product, service or project. But you’ve seen others (maybe your competitor) posting all their good stuff on Facebook or Instagram, and you already see how that’s building trust and attracting new customers. So how do you start doing this yourself without looking like an amatuer? If you want …

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Marketing Blueprint: The Origin Story

Marketing Blueprint: The Origin Story

In this article I reflect on the origins of the Marketing Blueprint and show you a way you can steal my idea and use it in your own business.

The formula will help any small to medium sized business who wants to wake up to an inbox full of enquires every single morning.

But it’s …

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The CHuMS Framework: A way to 9X your sales

The CHuMS method

Today I’m going to reveal the CHuMS method of creating insanely effective marketing.

It’s a method I have used over the years to improve all aspects of my marketing, and it’s based on science and everything!

So if you want to find out how this simple change will mean you can improve your marketing results by…

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Every Yell.com category in one place

Image showing the spreadsheet with all Yell.com listing

What have Shakespeare plays, toenail cutting and mustard got in common? They’re all categories of business listings on Yell.com!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled to find a complete list of Yell categories in spreadsheet form.

Search no more – Super Al delivers…

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.htaccess files

All about .htaccess files

If you’ve never delved into murky world of URL redirection using .htaccess files, you can happily close this tab and move on with your day.

However, if, like me, you’ve had the need to set up redirection of a domain, and have never learnt the Apache programming language (and let’s face it, this isn’t high on most people’s bucket list…), then I’ve found a great resource that will help you out.

Firstly, let’s define what an .htaccess file is:

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A brief history of Al Elliott

Regular readers will know that I’ve had a pretty unusual life. I’ve been asked a few times how it all fits together (and how I went from bankruptcy for £103,000 to a £5m property business in 19 months) so here’s the visual version!

[SOLVED] The blank screen of death on Thrive Architect

Imagew fo the Blank Screen of Death on Thrive Themes

You’ve unpacked Thrive Themes, you’ve installed everything and you’ve even remembered to add all the license keys. You build your first page, press ‘save’ and you just get a blank screen… SHIT! Don’t worry, it’s a simple fix. Here’s a 2 minute video walking you through the fix.

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