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Al Elliott – Author, Speaker & Marketing Expert

My name is Al*, and I build insanely effective marketing campaigns for businesses with high growth potential.

*Yes, I know who Paul Simon is, and, sigh, yes, if you really must, click here to sing along

Every single campaign I build these days is based on my simple, three part Marketing Blueprint™ that cuts through all the marketing rubbish you're being fed every day.

You don't need that fancy app, or complicated software, or ‘viral' bullshit (don't get me started on fking viral campaigns!) – you just need to target the right people, build trust, and drive traffic (web visitors) to the right place.

If you do this, then you'll win. Every. Single. Flippin'. Time.

I want to teach you how to use my Marketing Blueprint™ to generate hot, fresh, pre-qualified customer enquiries, direct to your inbox, every single day.

Every single word on this website (and on my new podcast too) has one job: To help you simplify your marketing and amplify your results.

How it all began…

My obsession with developing a Marketing Blueprint™ all started back in 2007 (read my full story here), when I realised that there was a handful of companies around the world generating insane numbers of highly-qualified leads, by completely ignoring 99% of the marketing principles that were being taught at the time.

Instead, they were using a strategy that was so simple that even today, most business owners simply won't accept that it works.

So, in 2008, I used my research to develop my Marketing Blueprint™ which distils the science of selling into just 3 simple principles (spoiler alert: you probably already know them!)

I use this formula myself…

I didn't know it at the time, but I was using a very rough draft of this formula back in 2006 to build a £5million property business from scratch in just 19 months (read my full story here).

After the property crash of 2008 restricted my ability to buy more properties, I turned my learning into the Marketing Blueprint™ and started working with Private Consulting clients.

They'd be astonished when I used just 3 simple questions to build an insanely effective Marketing campaign that had their prospects pretty much begging to buy from them.  

Watch an introduction to my Marketing Blueprint™ here.

So, why are you here?

Take a moment to ask yourself a question – why are you here today?

  • Maybe you’re here because you need more leads for your business.
  • Maybe you’re here because you’re frustrated with the glossy marketing books and so-called ‘gurus' out there, who insist that marketing is all about fancy branding and pointless social media posts
  • Maybe you’re here because you know that you should be doing marketing, but you just don't know where to start.

Or maybe you’re here because your current marketing isn’t working, your business is in trouble, and you’re just not sure where else to turn.

Whatever your reason for being here, I want to thank you.

Whether you’re a fledgling startup, an established entrepreneur, or an ambitious member of a marketing team, I promise I’ll teach you everything I know about building Marketing campaigns that generate a steady stream of hot, fresh, pre-qualified leads direct to your inbox every single morning.

Steal all my ideas! (I really don't mind)

My personal tagline is “Learn, Test, Share”, and this is how I learn things myself. (You can read my full story here).

I use this site to share breakthrough tacticsbattle-tested strategies, and little-known shortcuts that you can shamelessly steal and pass off as your own.

There are 24 things I strongly believe in (I rather loftily call it My Manifesto), but above all else, I believe in helping others to achieve their goals.

(Don’t paint me as a saint just yet though – I’ve discovered that this is also the quickest way to success, and the primary way I made my money.)

So, if you want to learn which 3 magic marketing questions will form the basis of your next insanely successful marketing campaign, you should start your journey here

Why ‘Steal My Marketing'?

Ever since I was 14 and picked up my very first Direct Marketing book, I’ve been obsessed with outstanding marketing.

My wife still rolls her eyes as she watches me rip adverts out of magazines and obsess over billboards, and my bookshelves are heaving with every marketing book imaginable.

I never pretend I’m the world's expert on Marketing, however, through reading, applying, testing and analysing every marketing strategy I could find, I came up with my Marketing Blueprint™ that simplifies the science of selling.

If you want to build constantly great marketing that really gets results, then let me share my blueprint with you.