A marketing lesson from the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam

Image of a man falling off a bike

This week I am working out of Hanoi, Vietnam and it is just as insane as everyone told me it would be.

The street food is amazing, but is served on barely washed plates at tiny, playground-sized dirty tables, literally on the filthy back streets of this amazing city.

The people are very warm and friendly, but if you want to see real salesmanship in action, just wander the

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The 4 personality types…

why some tattooed ex-musician thinks your niching isn't working anymore

There was a great post by Mitch Miller the other day about niching & paid traffic, and how he thinks you’re doing it wrong. (Mitch has a pretty interesting past. Well worth a read.)

And he’s right, you know. (Me too until I read his post, by the way…)

Mitch is essentially saying:

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Infographic: The ultimate guide to SEO-friendly URLs

Having an SEO-friendly URL structure can help search engines and users alike navigate your website more easily, potentially giving you an edge over the competition. To explain the basics, contributors John Lincoln and Brian Dean have put together this helpful infographic. Have a look at Search Engine Land for the full article. http://feeds.searchengineland.com/~r/searchengineland/~3/_ofvLpH3HL0/infographic-ultimate-guide-seo-friendly-urls-249397

Google updates for local search marketers

Important changes for local businesses. Ads now appear in Local Finder results, plus ads display differently in Google Maps. The post Google makes 2 ad updates that will affect local search marketers appeared first on Search Engine Land. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. via Google makes 2 ad updates that will affect …

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Facebook Posts: Handling a negative comment

If you have a Marketing Blueprint in place, then it’s likely you’re using Facebook in some way.

A common strategy is to write a Link Post that outlines your offer and then promote it using the ‘Boost’ button (ask us why this is a bad idea, though).

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