Sales Letter: Double your Turnover in 9 months

Most people have got copywriting all wrong.

Most think that expert copywriters just sit down and bash out sales letters in an hour or so. That couldn't be further from the truth.

Usually the finished sales letter is the result of hours of background reading, half a dozen drafts, and a huge pot of coffee. Below you'll find one of the drafts I wrote recently.

It is not complete, nor is it polished.

However, it's about 80% of the way there, and uses copywriting principles that I learnt from the masters, like John Caples and Claude Hopkins.

My Remit

This was what my client told me:

  • This is a real offer, from a real company, based in the same city as his office, so he wanted to ensure it looked different to those ‘internet offers' (as he called them)
  • Please address common objections in the letter (this was an actual mailed letter, so it cost money to send each one)
  • Link to an online sales page

He ultimately chose a different version than this, but I still like this one for being punchy, gutsy and confident.

As ever, steal whatever you like the look of. No credit required. 

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Dear Trevor

How do you fancy doubling your turnover in the next 9 months?

I’m serious. We already work with 27 Carlisle based agencies, and I’m keen to find 16 more who want to grow their agency quickly.

Is this a scam?

Firstly, this isn’t some gimmicky offer or marketing scam. We’re a [INDUSTRY REMOVED] company, who work exclusively with agencies who have huge growth potential.

We’ve found that there is a specific set of tools and techniques that, when applied in the right order, by the right team, results in significant growth.

You can read more here [LINK TO SALES PAGE].

What does it involve?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll choose 16 agencies to work with, over a 9 month period.

We will work with each agency to:

  • Create a bespoke growth plan that accurately, but ambitiously charts growth over the 9 month period
  • Create, set up, customise and automate your systems
  • Set up our suite of timesaving apps, designed to cut hours of admin from your day
  • Automate the processes that suck hours from each day
  • Set up your online dashboard (so you can see exactly where your business is at any point in time)
  • Schedule monthly progress meetings to hold you and your team accountable
  • Be on hand for as much as you like to help you with all your growth concerns and questions
  • Provide our full monthly [INDUSTRY TYPE] service

Where will you be in 9 months?

At the end of the 9 month period, you’ll have:

  • At least 50% more profit
  • Your tedious processes automated
  • All-you-can-eat, unlimited, On-demand professional advice
  • A rock-solid, implementable growth plan

Important: We’re ONLY looking for agencies with true growth potential.

If you’re not committed to growing your agency by at east 50%, then please don’t apply. Seriously.

Why choose us?

Good question.

  • We’re not your traditional, stuffy [INDUSTRY TYPE] service – we truly care about your growth
  • We’re growing our own business at an industry-astounding rate (we’ve grown from 0 to 120 clients in 18 months)
  • We fully embrace technology and utilise the latest apps, software and integrations to make running a business breeze
  • We believe in automating those tasks that can be automated, freeing up your time to grow your business

So, if you would like to be one of the 16 agencies who double their turnover, then go here [LINK] and check that you qualify.



PS. We really are only taking 16, so please act fast if this offer appeals to you.


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