[THRIVE THEMES] Get notification of a signup on a form

In the Thrive Themes group, Josh asked a question:

Are thrive leads forms able to simply be directed to a generic email address or must they be linked with a mailing service? As in when someone hits the submit button, the results just go to example@gmail.com

Yes, and kind-of no…

Yes, you can get a notification when someone fills in a form, but it does have to be connected to at least one service, Luckily, we can connect it to your actual WordPress site.

The rest is dead easy.

The 3 stages are:

  1. Create an API connection to your WordPress website (this is the easiest to set up)
  2. Create your form and connect it to the WordPress service you just set up
  3. Set up a Thrive notification for when someone submits that form

Here's a quick video walkthrough: