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“I don't see your emails…”

Maybe your mail provider is hiding them. The simple way is to do something us nerds call ‘white-listing'.

In other words, you just tell Gmail, Outlook or whatever you use to get your emails, that I'm a genuine sort, and they should butt out, and let you live your life on your terms.

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“I use Gmail”

Good choice. Me too. This is super simple:

On Mobile:

  • Find one of my emails and click the three dots on the top right
  • Select ‘Mark as Important'
  • Go celebrate your new-found tech-knowledge with a chocolate Hob Nob*

*Other biscuits are available. But why would you..?

On Desktop:

  • If the email is in the ‘Primary' tab, click the little arrow icon so it turns gold
  • If the email is in the ‘Promotions' tab, click and drag it to the ‘Primary' tab
  • If you can't see the email check the ‘Spam' folder and click into the email, Click ‘Report as not spam'

“I use Outlook”

Fair enough. I'm not the biggest fan of Microsoft, but each to their own.

This guide is probably the easiest to follow. Bet you wish you used Gmail now…

“I Use Apple Mail”

This is slightly easier than Outlook, but still a bit of a faff. Sorry.

Follow this guide then go pour yourself a stiff drink.