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Benedict Cumberbatch telling me to go away

Fed up of my daily idea emails? Want me to just go away?

The daily emails  have been stopped for you  now. (Note: You might still get other emails – see below)

How to unsubscribe forever

If you're sick of me and my stupid floppy hair, you can unsubscribe from all my future emails by clicking the ‘unsubscribe‘ link at the bottom of every email I send.

“Why can't I do it on this page?” Because my email manager thingy needs to have your contact ID to unsubscribe you properly. Soz.

IMPORTANT: This will stop all my emails, EXCEPT any ‘transactional' emails related to something you've bought from me, like receipts or updates, which I kinda have to send you!

Change of mind?

No worries – happens to the best of us. I once stuck my tongue on an electric fence*…

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