A marketing lesson from the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam

Image of a man falling off a bike

This week I am working out of Hanoi, Vietnam and it is just as insane as everyone told me it would be.

The street food is amazing, but is served on barely washed plates at tiny, playground-sized dirty tables, literally on the filthy back streets of this amazing city.

The people are very warm and friendly, but if you want to see real salesmanship in action, just wander the

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How to automate your lead generation with sales funnels

If you’ve read any kind of sales or marketing article recently, you’ve probably come across the term ‘funnel’. A lot of so-called gurus sell this as some kind of ‘silver bullet solution’, that when implemented will fix your entire marketing. Don’t fall for it. Whilst funnels are incredibly important (and should be at the heart …

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